Wednesday, August 9, 2023

August 7, 2023

 TWENTY wonderful women attended the TAGY meeting held at the Cody Library on August 7, 2023: Vanda, Ellen DeGroot and daughter Minnie, Sue B., Laura, Ginny, Raven, Alice, Judy, Pam Mc, Barb P., Lili, Carra and daughter Catherine, Barb M., Jan W., Ginger, Jan H., Ellen B. and Karling.  


    Program for September:  Carol S. has it!

    Monthly Challenge--due at September meeting: make something using a bandana.  This is Ellen D's challenge.

    Annual Challenge--Pair/Pear/Pare is due!!  Give quilts to Jan Wilbur along with your artist statement.  Volunteers!  Please help hang the quilts on August 28th at the Library.

    Jeanette update:  She is still in a Billings Hospital and anxious to come home.

Show and Tell and Tools that You Find Helpful:

Vanda talks about the Card Table Playhouse pattern...

Ellen D. makes crocheted "Plarn" bags (plastic yarn) from shopping bags.

Laura examining her handy chalk marker tool.

Sue shows EZ Press fabric pen by Acorn.

Sue shows a felt hat cleaning sponge she uses to clean up threds and such.

Sue's book pillow and mug rug for a friend having surgery.

Ginny and her "birdie" threader.

Birdie threader and leather dots for your fingers.

Ginny's paper pieced quilt from the Hoffman Challenge

Sue B.'s EZ Press Pen and refill

Alice's advice to go see the Barbie movie... (Ken is cute)

Alice talking about using your leader and ender fabrics to make another quilt object.

Raven and her yoyo dog!

Judy showing her EX Sew Needle puller.

Seam gauge

Seam Clapper

Judy shows her progress in beading.  She took a class at Quilt Wyoming Retreat from Lyric Montgomery

Judy's PPP challenge...a pair of trees threadpainted

Needle puller

A button grip for your ruler

Judy was a wealth of information!

Seam clapper--seam presser with weights in it.

At Quilt Wyoming, Judy took a class from Christina Cavalli on Art with Scraps

Barb P., gives advice to not let stress get to you over unfinished/unstarted things.

And she looks way calmer now!

Lili shows little snips she got in Japan and also a turn tube

Lili won a quilt at Quilt Wyoming!

Backside of Lili's quilt

Learning from each other; Ginny, Carra, Catherine

Lili shows spray adhesive she scored off the free table!

And a book!

Lili's little snips from Japan

Catherine shows quilts she makes from remnants of upholstery fabric.

Her work is free form.

Lili's stash of handy tools; snips, rulers, turntable.

Lili's turntable

More of Catherine's work

Judy's beading...lookin' good!

Beading a cabachon to fabric

Pam Mc's knitting needle guide

Pam's placemat.  Pretty!

Barb M. showing fork pins, zipper helper "frog stabber" finger pressing thing, stick on's for measuring, long quilter pins that look like long silk pins.

Barb says when sewing, place your pins to the left of the needle.

Frog stabber :)

Pins with measuring guide

Barb M., talked about this organization that helps people find other people to finish crafts that perhaps belonged to a loved one who couldn't finish their project.  Very cool concept. Find it online:  LooseEnds.

Dish scrubbie to clean up cutting mat.

Carol shows a rug hooking project that needs finishing.  It belongs to mother, Carra.

So beautiful!

Vanda might finish that rug hooking project!

Karling shows her secret weapon...tape!

Jan W's tools

Jan H.'s tools

Jan H.'s Pair Challenge Quilt

The Program:  Making a Patternless Skirt and How to Sew on a Button by Ellen B.

Professional model Ellen shows off her skirt

The group was eager to learn how to make that skirt!

And she made other skirts, too.

This is a hemp linen skirt.  The fabric needs to be drapy.

This skirt was shibori dyed


There was discussion about which way thread should come off the spool...

Ginny demonstrates thread coming off the spool.

Aloe Vera plants were on the free table and Laura got one!

Now, for sewing on a button...

We paid close attention!

Alice diligently works at it.

Ginny, Raven and Alice at work

Judy and Pam Mc at work

Ginger working

Ginger's perfectly sewn button.

And the back of Ginger's fabric looks clean.

Ginger likes to use this product for thread conditioning.