Tuesday, August 2, 2022

August 1, 2022

The Textile Artists of Greater Yellowstone met on August 1, 2022, in the Grizzly Room at the Cody Library.  19 very talented members were present:  Jeanne, Cara, Linda, Chris, Parb P., Marybeth, Jan H, Barb M, Sub, Lori, Alice, Karling, Judy, Ben, Ginger, Jeanette, Pam, Jan W, Carol.


The Yellowstone Quilt Fest was wonderful.  About 400 quilts and about 425 persons attended.  It was agreed that the Riley Arena venue was a positive element!

October:  We will be hanging our ZOOM quilts and any monthly challenge quilt that you like, on 2 walls in the Cody Library.  The hanging will take place the morning of October 3rd, the same day as our next TAGY meeting.  Bring your quilts that morning, or bring them to the September meeting.  Stay tuned for the timing details.

October 20 & 21st:  We plan to participate in the Cody Library's Hobby Fair.  Many of us would like to participate and show what we do, and details of our meeting times and general format.

Free Table:  We now have a "free table" at each meeting.  Bring what you have to give away.  And if it doesn't all get taken, please take the remainder back home with you.  

Monthly Challenge (due at September 12th meeting):  Couching! Presented by Ginger Dager.  Use the method of couching any material that you choose (yarn, ribbon, roving etc.) and incorporate it into a little quilt.  Examples are below and you can also look up YouTube videos.

Show and tell:  Members showed their challenges from the last month (thank you, Maribeth!) which was Steampunk & Buttons:  

Jan W's

Jan W's Steam heater

Pam's Octopus

Ginger's (notice the old bracelet by which to hang it)

Ginger's sand timer

Ginger's magazine featuring steampunk lighting

Jan H's 

Ben's greeting card "Gears to You!"

Alice's  butterfly


Lori's collage honoring her beloved father

Linda's Steamboat Goes Steampunk


Sue's--so cool.

Sue's--so beautiful!

Next our members had Show and Tell:

Pam's dyed creations

Pam's cards

Pam's cool fabric


Pam's cards (Pam, I have a birthday coming :))

Pam's Octopus

Jan H's cathedral window pincushion with walnut & lavender stuffing

A sea of indigo

Ben's indigo



Mystery woman behind quilt (Barb M!!)

Sue's quilt for a friend in need (Sue is a friend indeed!)

Sue's Paper piecing class quilt (how cool is that!?)

Then the members worked on the program for this month:  Guatamalan Worry Dolls.  Never have I heard the group so quiet as they concentrated on these dolls.  Tell the doll your worries, then put the doll under your pillow.  In the morning your worries will be gone!  This was an exercise in creativity as body, hair, clothing were all changeable!

Lots of photos thanks to Barb M.  Ah, the intensity with which we create!

Ginger's (note earrings!) Great hair!

Intense Karling

Nice hair...who is your hairdresser?

Love the dress!

Group Photo!

Ya' gotta love the hair!

Another group photo!

Pleased Pam!

Ask Jeanette yourself what she did to embellish her worry doll...it worries me... 

Intense Jeanette

The End!