2022 Challenge: Close-up or Zoom In.

Our newest Art Quilt Challenge theme is "Close-Up" or "Zoom In".  

The idea is to take an object, zoom in on it at close range, and create a quilt. The resulting quilt may not be recognizable as the original object ... it may be abstract.

Pam Harris gave a program about this earlier this year.  She provided templates with "windows" we could use to find a section of a photo to "zoom in" on.  The challenge is to make a quilt from the zoomed in portion of a larger picture or object.

Keep in mind we must use copyright free pictures, or get permission to use another person's photo.  Challenges are original ideas of the artist, not a commercial pattern, and they are pieces that have not been exhibited previously.

Size: Up to 100 inches in circumference (all sides added together).
The piece must have a sleeve for hanging, and a label with:
Your Name and City; and the Title of the Piece.

Due: On or before the July TAGY meeting.  July 11, 2022.

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