Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May 2019

There were 20 members at the meeting today. Show & Tell included Lili T telling about her visit to the Texas Quilt Museum in LaGrange, TX. The TAGY Heart Mountain exhibit is being shown there until June 23. Barabra P shared that she has been working on items for the YQF Boutique to be held Sep 12-14. Jan H is the proud owner of a new Bernina 570 machine with the embroidery component.
Ellen B models the backpack she made.
Ellen B's backpack
Sue S made a floral mini quilt.
Sue's mini quilt

Marie Shirley J collected doilies with fabric centers for many years, and dyed them bright colors.

Marie's doilies

Judy showed a piece she pieced and quilted.

Colleen spent her winter in Hawaii. While there she sorted and organized her stash and made kits. She also found a forgotten collection of Hmong needlecrafts and reverse applique pieces she purchased years ago.

Jan W showed quilts she pieced and Jeanne K free-motion quilted.

The thread painting program was presented by Jeanne K.  Her method uses muslin with Form-Flex or other lightweight stabilizer ironed on the back. Much of her work is original art or photos from Public Domain on the internet. She stressed that any art/photography used must have permission from the originator if it is not Public Domain.

She begins by drawing on paper then transferring to the stabilized muslin using an enlarger. Ginger D shared that she uses a window as a "light box" for her work. Jeanne uses pre-wound bobbins & any top thread that works for the colors she wants for her piece. She prefers variegated thread, where possible, because it lends to the overall effect.

A home sewing machine is used with feed dogs down and an open-toe presser foot. Needle type and size may be top stitch 80/12, but any size works just fine. She puts part of the piece to be thread painted in an embroidery hoop with an indentation on one side so it will fit under the presser foot. Mistakes aren't an issue and anything can be covered up or changed by going back over it with more stitches!
When the piece is completed Jeanne uses Misty Fuse or Steam-A-Seam to place it on background fabric. More thread painting may be added to embellish the main subject.
After her demonstration of the technique and showing various finished pieces Jeanne let anyone who wished try thread-painting a cat she had drawn on muslin. Jan H will finish it at home. No pressure!

Photos from Jeanne's demonstration and practice time.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April 2019

Pam's Easter cards
There were 21 members and guests present for the April TAGY meeting.  The Marketplace quilts were displayed and returned to their owners.  

The meeting began with introductions and Show & Tell.  Barbara P informed us that the dates for the Yellowstone Quilt Fest will be September 12 - 14 this year.  Entry forms will be completed by April 15th and posted on-line.  The TAGY Challenge of "Doors and Gateways" will be shown as an exhibit on the stage of the Cody Auditorium, and there is no entry fee for this exhibit.  Other quilts  entered into the YQF show will have the usual $3 entry fee, and these will be numbered and judged by people's choice.

Jan W's stamping
Pam's stamping

Jan W and Pam showed us examples of fabric stamping they did recently, and Pam also made some cute Easter cards.

Lindsay showed a large quilt that she quilted and displayed at the Big Sky Quilt Show in Billings. 

A big Thank You to Lindsay, Lili, and Marie for taking the quilts to Billings and hanging them for us.  Also Thank You to Marybeth, Marie, and Barbara H for taking down the quilts and returning them to us.

Ginger informed us that the new "By Western Hands" group has taken over the old Cody Gambles building, and they are in need of volunteers to work from 10-2, Monday thru Friday.  There are 39 members who are local artists and their work is on display there.

Linda M told about her quilts on display with "Moon Rover" being at West Point, and the HERstory quilts at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah.  Also, the Texas Quilt Museum is currently exhibiting TAGY's "Fabric of Memory" quilts of the Heart Mountain Relocation Center.   And Jeanne K's OURstory quilt is featured in the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine.
Sue's 3-D flowers

Sue showed us an example of using a fabric stiffener product to make 3-D flowers. 

Alice provided the program for April which was a demo of surface printing on fabric, with many different design ideas.  She refers us to Deborah Boschert's articles on collage quilts.

Alice showed us how to write on fabric, make stencils from freezer paper, roller printing with TP rolls, and using a brayer, among other things.  She also showed us how to make beautiful fabric twine with scraps.  Thank you Alice for a great program.