Thursday, February 6, 2020

February 3, 2020

The February meeting took place on a snowy winter day, with 13 members and 3 guests in attendance.

The meeting began with introductions and announcements.  Jan H encouraged anyone interested in receiving Cody's Grand Loop Knitting Shop newsletter to give her their contact information. The shop has the largest collection of yarn for sale in Wyoming!

Karling reminded everyone that the Powell Homesteader Museum's button art is due Friday, February 7th. Contact Marybeth for more information.
Zann accepted $6 fees for the March TAGY Sachiko kits. Please let her know if you are interested and have not yet signed up.

Monthly Challenge

Stitch Meditations
February's monthly challenge was Stitch Meditation.  Examples were shared by Lili, Zann, Karling, Alice, Jan H, Jan W, Sue, Judy and Ben.
Lili's antique lace SM

Morning Glory pool  Yellowstone
Pam shared results of her Quilting Arts magazine challenge to transform "ugly" fabric.  She explained the techniques she experimented with along with before and after examples. These will be submitted to Quilting Arts magazine, so no photos yet.

Jan H showed her January challenge with an added flange and binding.

Jan's cowl
Jan also shared a knitted cowl that has various yarn colors representing layers of Wyoming's geology and a just-finished market bag complete with a daisy on the bottom.

Ellen showed fun and easy pin cushions made with felted wool scraps.
Pin cushions

Barbara Pike showed the Yellowstone Quilt Fest Raffle Quilt for 2020. The blocks are from the 2019 Block Challenge "Wyoming Wildflowers".  It was pieced by Barbara and quilted by Judy Mackie. Tickets will be available soon.

Guest, Rose French, showed two hand appliqued quilts. One is Hawaiian technique in pastel colors and the other features flowers surrounded by custom machine quilting.

Ellen presented the program, "Knitting Seamless Sweaters Without A Pattern".  She included a very thorough step-by-step handout detailing all aspects of the technique and necessary supplies.

Ellen brought many examples of knitted sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, skirts and bags. She demonstrated that most things can be knit without seams as a "tube in various shapes".  Choosing needle size, wool, silk and cotton blended with wool yarn, washing methods, where to buy and dying yarn were covered in her demonstrations.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

January 2020

2020 began with our annual Christmas party in January.  Great food, wonderful handmade gift exchange, and sharing friendship and ideas with some of my favorite ladies.  This was a great way to start the New Year.  Thank you all for participating in our TAGY group.

Coming soon:
Jan 15th - Marie will give a talk at the Cody Library from noon to 1:00 pm about her Native American piece.

April - Kathy Lichtendahl, one of TAGY's founding members, will have a solo exhibit of bug photos, and possibly a talk to accompany the show.  More info later.

wreath from old book

Gift Exchange
Pictures of the wonderful hand-made items in the gift exchange.

The theme was "Plaid", and gifts include a Christmas wreath, scarves, handbags and fabric grocery bags,  a box of handmade cards, covered notebook and cards, hand-dyed apron, wool table setting with mug mats, fancy oven mitts, a wool knitted sweater, wall hanging, and more.  And a cute Christmas elf was even present!

Christmas Elf

Barbara H

Monthly Challenge

January's challenge was "Bird's Eye View".

Jan H-Grand Prismatic Spring

Jan W


Linda M-farmland

Marie -umbrellas
Other Show and Tell:

Jeanne's Cherrywood's Bob Ross Challenge

Bonnie's "Tired"
Ellen's sweater
Pam's version of plaid

Linda M's button tree

February Challenge

Stitch Meditations - Three small 4" x 4" hand stitched pieces.  Based on
Liz Kettle's Textile Revolution which has a Facebook presence .  Check out her Pinterest site for examples:

The idea is to spend 15 or 20 minutes hand stitching anything.  Just slow down and stitch.  Some ladies say they enjoy it so much that they just keep going and 45 minutes will go by before they realize it.  For this TAGY challenge, the 15 to 20 minutes for each 4" x 4" piece is a good target.

Next year's Christmas Exchange theme will be "Something old is new again".