Thursday, January 7, 2021

January 2021

First TAGY meeting of the year - from Jeanne K

Artists trading cards

There were 7 of us, myself,  Lilli Turnell, Barbara Pike, Pam Harris,  Jan Wilbur, Judy Mackie and Ben Engelhardt

We did make some decisions on our 2021 year calendar.
Because there is so few if any doing the 12"X12" monthly challenges we chose to do a monthly "small" challenge,  as a postcard, trading card,   4"X6" , 5" X 7" and 6" X 8" can all be mailed "naked" those made 10" X 12", 11" X14", 9" X 12" and 8" X10" require and envelope.
Feb= the letter T
Mar= the letter W
Apr= the letter S
May= the letter M
June= the letter A
July= the letter F
Aug= the letter J
Sept= the letter Q
Oct= the letter Z 
Nov = the letter V
Dec= the letter K

We had a lot of choices in the 2021 challenge but the final vote was 
"All one shape, no distortion".  ( we can explain that next month for those with questions)  The size is up to 100" perimeter, and due at our August meeting.  

2021 meeting dates and volunteers for the program are:
Feb 1 Pam(this will be on making  postcards and other small mailables, as in our monthly challenges)
Mar 1 Ben
April 5 Lili
May 3 Jan
June 7 Jeanne
July 5
Aug 2
Sept 13
Oct 4
Nov 1 
Dec 6
as you can see we have many openings for programs,  so please consider volunteering to do one.  We might  consider making a list of wants for programs and that might help our group members to choose what they can show.

We had awesome beautiful gifts exchanged, (sorry no pictures).  
We did not choose a theme for 2022 gift exchange so please  think of an idea for that.   

Monday, December 7, 2020

December 2020

Nine members of the Textile Artists of Greater Yellowstone met at the Cody Library.

We were well spaced out according to Covid guidelines. Jan W went over the monthly schedule for 2021 and arranged with the library to hold our meetings in the Grizzly room the first Monday of each month beginning with January 4th. It was decided to keep our plan of a gift exchange at that meeting. The theme is "What was Old is New Again". We will bring our own lunches instead of a pot luck lunch. Jan asked for suggestions for the 2021 Challenge quilt. Linda suggested "Our Town" after seeing photos of another group on-line that were inspiring.

We had some very nice show and tell items. 
  •  Ginger made many small items for gifts and said they have already been mailed.  
  • Linda showed a small rodeo quilt and a 2.5 inch scrappy quilt with a woodsy moose scene. 
  •  Alice showed a baby quilt with a Sweet Kisses pattern (see photo of pattern). She also showed a large bed quilt her mother was hand quilting. Because of health issues, Alice will finish the quilt for her. 
  •  Pam has had fun ice dying dish towels for gifts this year. She also took part in a Calendar Girls quilt with her friends in Alaska. 
  •  Carol show a quilt with bright tropical fabrics set off with black which made the colors pop. 
  •  Jan W show a completed Super-Heroes quilt, and told us is working on one made with neckties. She offered to share necktie silks and wools with the group. 
  •  Judy gave us some heavy paper stock pieces that can be used for Christmas package tags. Alice made some of these tags and they are unique and fun.

Sorry no photos this time as I discovered my camera wasn't in my bag. The quilt pattern shown is from the internet.