Sunday, December 13, 2009

A thing call Zentangle

I have been seeing this word pop up more and more in the blogs I visit.  In one of the first places I saw it the blogger described the process as taking a long tread and letting it drop on a plain piece of paper (suitable for pen, ink, pencil) and using those lines as the basic pattern.  Then you fill in the spaces with shapes, shades, letters, words..... just doodle.....use various densities of shading in the doodles.  I went to this website - most of the philosophy part is a little beyond my needs (did the meditation part when I was a hippy), but reading through the site I got a little better idea about zentangles
My thought is that I might just get a fantastic "abstract" wallhanging out of one.  You search zentangle on your home page and come up several other sites about the process.  Might be fun - who knows.... Marybeth      PS the following design was one done by the gal whose blog I visited

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