Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Meeting 2010

TAGY members displayed fabrics that were dyed at the "Weekend to Dye For" held in Clark.  Different dyeing and painting techniques were used.  Kathy showed procion dyed samples, Jeanne showed an example using bleeding tissue paper, and Jane had painted leaves.

Quilt Wyoming, the annual meeting of the Wyoming State Quilt Guild will be held July 14-17, 2011, at Northwest College in Powell.

TAGY members will make a special display for next year's Yellowstone Quilt Fest (YQF).  The theme is "Under the Sea", and quilts will be 18" x 60" with a vertical orientation.  They will be hung so that you can walk among the quilts, giving the feeling of being underwater.  Completed entries are due at the August TAGY meeting.

Kathy gave her program on corners and facings, and provided handouts.


The last photo is an example of a TART kit (Textile Art) completed by Cindy Thomas.  These kits can be purchased from In Good Company LLC of Hamilton, MT.  Web:

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  1. Just trying to connect with Marybeth Richardson. We are very old friends from her days in Turlock - Bill Carney and Marlene Tingley-Carney. We would love to connect with her. Tell her Bill is retired and doing economic development consulting and Marlene is still working for the California Chamber of Commerce and the world of chambers has changed since she was involved. She can reach me at Hope we connect.