Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 2011

There are no notes or photos from the March meeting since I forgot my notebook and camera.  Anyone who was present is encouraged to post.  This blog is for all members to use.   Jane Neale gave the program on making 3-D flowers.

At the April 4th meeting we started out with Show & Tell as we had a guest who needed to leave early.  Rebecca showed a journal she made from a local Saturday class taught by Charlene Magargal of "ReBound".  If interested in the Saturday classes, contact Rebecca randtrue@yahoo.com for more info.

Lili showed her prize winning quilt from the PPQG Brown Bag Challenge, and also a Word Challenge quilt she made for a challenge in QA magazine.  It will be sent off soon.  Good luck, Lili.

Kathy showed Japanese fabric from Kyoto.  She was in Japan for a wedding and left 2 days before the earthquake/tsunami.  Some of her family were still in Japan, and all are safe.  Kathy announced she will be taking the photography courses at NW college.  She is making cards from her photos using her kaleidoscope software and they are selling quite well.  She has been asked to be on the Board for NQA or AQS(?). This will involve lots of traveling in the future, so less time for quilting.  Kathy showed her Fast Friday entry for the dance/movement challenge.

Jeanne showed photos of her new grand-baby, and the necklace that Kathy made for her with the baby picture.
Linda showed her Brown Bag Challenge quilt "Pearl-Friends", which won 2nd place. She also showed the Fast Friday entry for the dance/movement challenge for which she was the guest hostess. Three large bags of fabric scraps were brought for anyone willing to take them for scrappy projects

Problems with last year's quilt appraisals were discussed.  Some of the appraisals which were paid for, have not been received, and the appraisal ladies will not respond to inquiries.  This affects all of us who have "Sky Lines" quilts as this exhibit was appraised by them.  Sky Lines was shown at the Big Sky Quilt Retreat last month, and will be sent to the Mancuso Denver National Quilt Festival this month.  After that, they will go the Columbus, OH for display.

The April program was by Marybeth, who provided patterns and lots of fabric to make water bottle holders. We will all bring out water bottles with finished holders to the next meeting for photos.

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