Monday, August 1, 2011

July 2011

At the July meeting Jeanne Knudsen gave a program on thread painting.  She brought her sewing machine and we all tried our hand at thread painting a rose.  If someone had a camera, please send me a photo to post.
Jeanne brought her wild horse and wolf quilts which she thread painted.

Linda MacDonald brought in the DVD documentary "Stitched" and loaned it to Kathy L to view.  She later shared it with her roommates at Quilt Wyoming.  This DVD is available for other TAGY members.  Let her know and she will pass it along to you at the next meeting.

July was a busy month with Quilt Wyoming and the Park County Fair.  The entire Sky Lines exhibit was on display at Quilt Wyoming, which was held at Northwest College in Powell this year.  Sharon Shamber and Vicki Pignatelli were the national teachers, as well as many local teaches and classes to choose from.  Lectures were held in the evening and they were spectacular.

Six of the Sky Lines quilts were on display at the Park County Fair, as well as many other quilts by our TAGY members and local quilters.  It was a nice display and received lots of positive comments.  Plenty of ribbons were won by our quilting friends.

Sky Lines was on display at the Mancusso National Quilt Show in Denver, CO,  and then the National Quilting Association Show in Columbus, OH.  While at Denver, photos were taken and placed in the newsletter of Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.  See their web site "The Quilt Show", click on Features, then Newsletter, and Search for July 8.  Or just click here:
Our quilts are show set to music.  Very nice.

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