Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 2011

The Christmas exchange theme was a Haiku, poem or rhyme along with a hand-made item.  This photo shows the diversity of our group's talents including: sewing, quilting, glass-work, weaving, wool-felting, and photography.  The photo doesn't do justice to the expertise and quality of the gifts.  They are amazing.

Members present for this year's party were: Jane; Elizabeth; Lili; Barbara; Linda; Pat L; Jeanne, Kathy; Sue; Carolyn; Patty, and Marybeth.  Everyone brought food to share and we had a very enjoyable afternoon.
I feel fortunate to have such great friends.

Challenges for 2012 were discussed and it was decided the theme for next year's Christmas exchange will be "Go Green".  You can interpret this any way you want.

Group Challenge:
This year we will be doing a Book Challenge.  It will premiere at the Yellowstone Quilt Fest in September, and it is anticipated  the exhibit will travel, as have our previous challenges "Sky Lines" and "Under the Sea".

2012 Book Challenge Guidelines:  
1) Choose one of your favorite books, and open to a page at random.  Photocopy this page and keep it with your project.
2) Next, choose random words from that page and make a sentence or statement with those words (and only those words).  Use a minimum of 3 words up to as many as you like.  Your quilt project will be based on the words you choose.
3) Minimum size is 24 inches on one side and maximum size is 48 inches on one side.  You can make your project any size within these parameters.  Challenges will be due at the September TAGY meeting.
Have fun with this.

Lili brought her award winning Under-the-Sea piece and showed us new items she added to it since YQF.  It is truly a beautiful work of art.
Kathy reminded us to bring the Under-the-Sea quilts to our April meeting to be boxed and mailed to the Mancusso Quilt Show in Denver.  We are each responsible for a name tag on the back.  In addition to identifying the owner, it will aid in hanging "front" side out on our double sided art quilts.

A calendar for next year's program leaders is shown at the right.

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