Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 2012

In like a lamb ...
March surprised us by not having the snow we needed for our "Snow Dyeing" day.  While it was a warm 50 degrees outside, a few of us were able to find remnants of last weeks snow is shady spots, while others experimented with purchased ice. In the photo Jane, Marybeth and Patty dribble dye onto the snow-covered fabric in their buckets.
We met at Linda's Quilt House in Powell this month. Everyone took home buckets of tied and dyed fabric to anxiously await for the snow/ice to melt and discover our masterpieces. We will have a great show & tell at next months' meeting.

A big thanks to everyone who brought lunch, and extra dyes.  It was a fun day.

Jane brought the porcelain buttons we painted at the February meeting.  She had taken them home to fire in her kiln.  They all look beautiful.   Jeanne challenged us to make something using the buttons for Yellowstone Quilt Fest.

Everyone was encouraged to visit the Cody Country Art League and see the small wall quilts we hung last week.  They will be on display from March 1 - 14.  Due to the lack of small quilts made by the Paintbrush Piecers' group, Jeanne suggested TAGY take charge of the display next year.  For the past few years, the bulk of the quilts showing there have been made by those of us that belong to both Paintbrush Piecers and TAGY.

Marybeth reminded us of the Art-tini  Festival in Cody April 17th.  They will accept small items for sale such as coasters and place-mats this year, and they don't need to have the Martini theme. For more info see http://caterbuzz.blogspot.com/2010/04/artini-festival-view-of-cody-wyoming.html

PS  Linda forgot to mention that her small quilt "Pottery" is being used in a class on perspective and dimension by Maria Elkins this week.  Maria has the "Lost Quilts" website.

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