Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2012

Prairie Points
We met on July 2nd just after the Childrens' Parade, and amid all the summer tourists.  Cody has a very festive atmosphere during the summer months.
Logistics were discussed about getting our Under the Sea quilts to Sheridan for Quilt Wyoming, and back in time to hang at the Park County Fair in Powell.

Kathy L discussed the benefits of having a National Quilt Association chapter locally, and several members of TAGY decided to join.  Kathy also mentioned that the NQA magazine is interested in articles being submitted for publication. This is a great opportunity for all our talented members!  Linda M is the Spotlight quilter this month on their web site, and you can see her photo and some of her quilts at www.nqaquilts.org  

Several TAGY members volunteered to take down the quilts from the US Bank display on July 9th.
Pat L gave the program and provided materials for everyone to make 2-color prairie points.  Linda M showed a way to flatten the prairie points and add beads, creating a different look (above left in photo).

After the meeting some of us went to the Craft Fair being held next door.  One of the highlights was the booth with beautiful beaded handbags. Rina Fairchild, an artist from Lewistown, MT, gave me her card and I will share her contact info on request.


  1. Could you give me Rina's information. I would like to look at a bag for my mom.
    Thank You

  2. Rina Fairchild
    131 Elk Camp Ln
    Lewistown, Mt 59457
    Tel: 406-366-1383
    Email: kim@ljade.com