Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 2013

 The program for October was on discharging fabric using bleach, by Patty Mayfield.  She showed beautiful examples that she has done, then did a demo so we could see how to discharge our own fabrics.

Patty and Marybeth brought supplies including leaves, plant parts, and stencils.  Below are some of the works in progress.  These can be further embellished with stitching or beading.

Jeanne discussed the Mancuso Show in Denver next May, and reminded us that our Gossip Challenge quilts will be exhibited.  She will look into shipping costs.

Our Old Trail Town challenge is due in February, and the theme goes well with next year's Yellowstone Quilt Fest (YQF) theme of Treasures of Wyoming.

Jeanne suggested we think about another challenge that would be due on September 1st, just in time for hanging at the YQF.  Marybeth suggested we list various techniques and pick two randomly to be used in the next challenge.  Members are asked to send Jeanne ideas which she will put on cards to be drawn at the Christmas Party meeting on December 2nd.  There will be more discussion about this at that meeting.

We also discussed having a small monthly challenge from a photo (our own or magazine) or design element which would help us grow and learn.  We would have the option to ask for a critique if one is wanted, as they can be very helpful.

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