Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 2014

TAGY members met on February 3rd, and brought their Old Trail Town (OTT) quilts in various stages of completion.  Jeanne set up quilt stands with black drapes and we were all able to experience these amazing quilts "up close and personal".  Each member described the thoughts behind their piece, and how they went about making it.  Photos were taken, but we are not ready to show these on-line at this time.  Everyone did an amazing job, and the display is breath-taking.

Reminder, we need artists' statements about our OTT quilts. Please send your artist statements to Marybeth, as she agreed (we think) to work on "Wanted" poster type labels for the display. The statement should tell your thoughts behind the piece, and we may ask for a head-shot photo later.

Each OTT quilt must have an attached label with the maker's name, on the back, right, lower corner, so your piece will be returned to you.  These quilts will be displayed at Yellowstone Quilt Fest (YQF), in Cody, next September, and our exhibits generally travel for a year to various venues.  We may be able to have a display at Old Trail Town before that time.  We are looking into this possibility.

Kathy H demonstrated a good way to make a D-sleeve for hanging quilts.  While we plan to pin the quilts onto drapes for the Yellowstone Quilt Fest (YQF) it is a good idea to have a 4 inch hanging sleeve on all quilts that will be sent to shows or exhibits (this is required by many venues).

In addition to this fantastic display of OTT quilts, each member showed and discussed the monthly challenge.  This month's theme was Landscape, and everyone show wonderful small pieces, and one not-so-small (Kathy H), but fantastic!  The texture and detail on these was wonderful to see.  Anyone who missed this meeting really missed out on some great inspiration.

Program by Patty M: Fabric weaving
I am so proud to be part of this talented, and friendly group!

Some members also brought other Show & Tell items that they are currently working on, and asked for helpful critiques.

Patty M gave a demo of fabric weaving with 3 and 4 strips of fabrics.  Since this process takes more time than we had at the meeting, she offered to teach this techniques on a Wednesday at the Quilt House in Powell in the Spring (when the weather is more agreeable).  Meantime you can watch a video by Rami Kim on this technique  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcgORCcIjqY

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