Monday, February 6, 2017

February 2017

Frank Lloyd Bird - building nest
Fifteen members were present at the February TAGY meeting.  Jeanne discussed the upcoming Big Sky Quilt Show in Billings, March 9-11. We will hang quilts on the 8th.
We are hoping each TAGY member has several art quilts to enter, as we want to fill the entire stage.  We can hang our Fences Challenge, as well as the monthly 12" x 12" learning quilts, our new challenge "A Place in Someones Heart", and other art quilts you have not yet shown at this venue.  Remember to include your "Mini Me" that we made 2 years ago.

Jan Wilbur is making the signage for the TAGY art quilts that will hang at Big Sky. Please email Jan with your name and the title of each 12" x 12" quilt entered.  For the challenge "A Place in Someone's Heart" also include an artist's statement (your thoughts) about the quilt. Any other art quilts you want to display will also need an artist's statement.  She needs these by March 1st (hopefully sooner).  We can turn in the quilts we are entering at the March 6th meeting, but send Jan the info earlier so she has time to make the signs.  Follow this link for instructions on how to make and attach a sleeve.  Sleeves are not needed on the 12 x 12s, but are needed on the challenge pieces.

We need volunteers to take down the quilt show on Saturday, March 11th.  Jeanne mentioned that she and her husband are building their house in Crandall and won't be available for extra duties this year.  LindaMac volunteered to help with this.

Several members had items for Show and Tell, including the bird nest quilt shown above, which was done for the Architecture series.  Jane N passed out valentine word puzzles for us to solve.

LindaMac passed around a letter received from the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY. They want donations of small art quilts. These small quilts will be auctioned off for their annual fundraiser Quilts for Quilting Campaign.  If your 12 x 12's are piling up, here is a worthwhile use for them, and it is tax deductible. I am unable to post this letter on the site, but their address is The National Quilt Museum, 215 Jefferson Street, Paducah, KY 42001, Attn: Q for Q.

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in the Denver area is sponsoring an exhibit called Buffalo Bill Quilting the Wild West . Photos of your entry are due by February 28th (short deadline). Size: a minimum of 18" and on any one side, and a maximum of 90" on any one side. Send photos to

Thread leaves made with Solvy.
Barbara Harrison gave a great program on making Thread Leaves with wash-away Solvy and thread.  Draw the leaf shape on the Solvy, then begin free-motion quilting around the drawn edges several times, and add the veins.  Make sure the threads all connect and cross over each other, so it will hold together when you wash away the Solvy.  You can put a piece of fine netting between the Solvy pieces as a base for your leaves if you wish.  After sewing your leaves, trim the Solvy to within a 1/2 or 1/4 inch of the outer edge of the leaves, then dip in water and rub off extra Solvy.  Leave enough Solvy in to keep the leaves crisp.  Now they are ready to applique to your quilts.

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  1. I would like to get in touch with Barbara Harrison regarding her demo on thread leaves.