Wednesday, November 3, 2021

November 2021

Seventeen incredibly talented artists attended the TAGY meeting at the Grizzly Room/Cody Library on November 1, 2021:  Judy, Ben, Marie, Nancy (guest), Danielle, Sydney, Ellen, Carling, Barb P., Carol, Pam, Jan W, Barb, Cara, Alice, Jan H.

Announcements: The Quilt Guild will hold a quilt show in 2022.  Quilts will be accepted July 28.  The show will be July 29 & 30 at RILEY ARENA.

The Park County Animal Shelter's online auction began today. Several in this group donated items to the auction.  Thank you.

2022 Quilt Challenge: A vote was taken to determine the theme for our 2022 Annual Challenge.  It was decided the theme is CLOSE-UP.  The idea is to take an object, zoom in on it at close range, and create a quilt.  The resulting quilt may not be recognizable as the original may be abstract.  

Quilts should be no more than 100 inches in circumference.  They are due on or before the July meeting (July 11th, 2022).

Keep in mind that Challenges (annual and monthy) are original ideas by the artist, not a commercial pattern.  And they are pieces that have not been exhibited previously. 

Monthly Challenge for 2022:  There was a discussion of what to do for next year.  Ideas included more letters of the alphabet, 9" Art Quilt Block, quilts in which the sides are not square. Danielle mentioned looking at the National Quilt Museum Block of the Month Club online.  We will discuss this again next month.  If you have ideas, send them to Jeanne Knudsen.  

The annual Christmas Party will be January 10th, 2022.  Bring a lunch.  If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, bring a home-made gift you created.  If you don't participate in the exchange, you can still come and celebrate the post-holiday!

The letter of the month for next month's challenge is "K."

Artists showed their monthly challenge of letter "V."

And artists showed their recent projects: 

Danielle has been busy!

As has Judy:
And  Marie:

Alice Flyr and Jan Hoar gave a demo on making "paper cloth" or "cheese cloth skins" which can be used as you would fabric for textural interest (I don't have many photos as I was giving the demo! :) : 

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