Tuesday, January 11, 2022

January 10, 2022

The Textile Artists of Greater Yellowstone met at the Grizzly Room at the Cody Library for their meeting and 2021 Christmas Party. (December is way too busy for all of us, so the Party is generally in January).  Present were Carol, Kris, Alice, Judy, Sue, Pam, Jan W., Jan H., Jeanette, Bart, Lili and Ellen. Each member brought their own lunch.

Monthly Challenge:  It was decided that we would follow the example of the Fast Friday Quilt Challenge that some of the members have done.  Except you will have a month to complete the challenge.  Please refer to www.fastfridayquilts.blogspot.com to gain knowledge of what the monthly challenge will be.  Each month, a TAGY member will "host" a challenge.  If you are the host, you can decide if it is a technique, theme, color, etc.  It will be up to the host to decide.  You will find instructions on this BLOG for each monthly challenge.  There is a sign-up sheet for you to be the host on a given month.

For January, Pam has presented a challenge to take a quilt block (orphan quilt block/orphan quilt, as she puts it) and cut it up to redesign it into something interesting.  Bring it to the February meeting and show it.  We can grow from this if we also kindly critique a piece.  Fear not!  We are a gentile group interested in growing our talents and skills in our artwork.  The guidelines for this will be posted soon.  In the meantime, take a look at Quilting Arts Magazine Oct/Nov 2020.  Or log into QATV_2600_eBook_final.pdf (quiltingdaily.com)   This will give you some ideas.

More information will follow on this soon.  

Note:  This is not in place of the monthly programs.  That is a different sign up sheet. 

Show and Tell:   

Ellen brought honeycomb from her bees.  There was enough for everyone to have a piece of it.  Yummiest honey ever!  She also shared some beekeeping experiences. 

Jan W showed a string flag she made from the postcards she created in 2021

Pam showed a change of address card she received from her friend.

Jan H. showed some ice-dyed silk scarves and cotton cloth.

Then the real fun began with the gift exchange!
Under the Sea string flag from Jan W to Jan H

Cute box with coasters from Jeanette to Lili

Beautiful journal from Judy to Sue

Rope fabric bowl with amazing button and table runner from Barb to Jeanette
Beautiful ice dyed kitchen towels and ornament from Pam to Barb

Christmas tree napkins and table runner from Sue to Ellen

Microwave bowl cozies and hot mitt from Jan H to Pam
Lili opening coasters and box

Very cute fabric pieced oven mitt from Alice to Jeanne

Barb opening bag with fabric

Barb with hand dyed fabric

Gorgeous table runner with really big buttons from Jeanne to Jan W.

Sue opening such a cute journal book

Ellen admiring table runner

Judy looking so darned cute in wool hat from Ellen

Alice in soft and cozy neck warmer/cowl from Kris to Alice

Kris with soft rice pack neck warmer from Lili to Kris

Kris with crystals from Lili

Cool coasters from Jeanette to Lili

Yummy gingersnap cookies from Jan W to Jan H

A good time was had by all!!

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