Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Topic of Discussion

One of the things introduced at the last TAGY meeting was a discussion on matters related to our art. The question posed was one of the most basic: What is an art quilt? We went around the table, giving each person a couple minutes to speak if they so desired and then opened up the floor for discussion. I really felt it was time well spent and I hope we can continue to discuss a new topic each month.
Below is a summary of points expressed by TAGY members, grouped by similar sentiments. The statements below do not indicate agreement by all members, just that the points were brought up and discussed.

An art quilt is:

- Original design; not a traditional design; expression of an original idea; may be an original spin on a traditional idea

- Contains three layers; is held together with stitches; may have other qualities of traditional quilts such as binding, borders, sashing

- Is a personal statement; self expression; is an expression of personal thoughts

- Should elicit emotion in the viewer; should say something to the viewer; should communicate an identifiable idea to the viewer

- May be or not be art in the eye of the beholder

- Should incorporate the basic elements and principles of design

I hope that readers of the blog will feel free to contribute to the discussion through comments to this site. What is an art quilt to you?

Possible topics for discussion at future meetings:
- The value (or not) of working in a series
- How important is it to have an identifiable "style"?
- Do art quilts have a place at traditional quilt shows?
- Design vs technique - Is one more important than the other?

Please feel free to add suggestions to the list!

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