Friday, July 17, 2009

Yellow and/or Stone challenge

In the SAQA Digest #2138 (8a), Loreen Leedy says the following:

"My mother, sister and I drove a couple of hours on Wednesday to the Vero Beach Museum of Art to see the Rooted in Tradition show, very worthwhile. In addition to the wonderful exhibit space, the clipboards with small samples of various techniques (couching, felting, etc.) added another dimension to the experience for those viewers unfamiliar with the various techniques."

What do you think of providing small samples of various techniques we use in our Yellow/Stone challenge for the YQF display? Comments requested.


  1. I wonder, how do you show a technique with just a clipboard? Now, that would be a challenge itself. I think of things like couching, felting, beading, trupunto. I think of "seeing" it done. How is everyone doing on that challenge anyway? I have mine drawn out but getting time to do it is another thing. But it is on the to do list. Jeanne K

  2. I have always liked the idea of making touchable samples but I question whether this is really the challenge in which to do it. Maybe we need to have another challenge in the future where the subject is "texture" and providing "feelies" is part of the process?