Friday, September 14, 2012

September 2012

At this TAGY meeting we discussed the upcoming Yellowstone Quit Fest on Sept 13-15.  Jeanne announced the Big Sky Quilt Retreat in Billings, MT, would like both our Under-the-Sea exhibit and our Book Challenge exhibit next March.  The Big Sky theme is "Open Season for Quilters" and they would like entries to be greater than 60 inches in parameter, and less than 82 inches.

Our Under-the-Sea exhibit moved from the US Bank in Cody to the Bank of the West lobby in Powell and will be on display there throughout September.

Lili announced she will be giving a program to the Powell Fine Arts group on Oct 2nd, and she will want art quilts to bring.  Kathy H said to keep the ones she brought for YQF and use them.  We need to let Lili know if we have other art quilts she can use.

Jeanne told about the Party Line Challenge that was at Quilt Wyoming in Sheridan, and showed the 3 different sets of quilts (6 in each set) that we will display at YQF.  The group decided to do a similar challenge with Lynn Richardson providing photos.
For our "Gossip Challenge" only the first person will receive a photograph, and that person will create a quilt inspired by the photo. The second person gets to see the first quilt (but not the photo) and makes a quilt inspired by it. The third person gets to see the second quilt… and so on. It’s a bit like playing “telephone” where something is whispered from person to person, and by the time it gets to the last person, the message is completely changed.  It was decided we will limit the challenge to six (6) quilters per photo, so several photos will be used as the starting points. Hands were raised and we will have 2 groups participating from TAGY, and we will open the challenge to the Paintbrush Piecers as well.  Click on "Gossip" in our Links  column (lower right) for Rules.

Show and Tell included this year's Book Challenge which will also be on display at YQF.
Lili explained a new way to make and attach a sleeve to our quilts.

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