Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2012

from Jeanne ...
We had fun at our TAGY meeting today (Oct 1) and missed all of you not able to join us.  We finalized the rules and chose our # and what group we will be in for our Gossip Quilt Challenge.  Below is a list of 4 groups and the names participating, if we have signed you up in error, PLEASE let me know ASAP.  also, if you want to participate and are not on the list, again let me know.  Some of has chosen to participate in more than one group but if you really  want to join us let me know and we will find a place in the line up for you. If you cannot possibly do your quilt in the months you are given let me know as soon as possible and maybe we can change things around for you.

If you are #1 in your group, you have a photo,(Julie, you will get your photo from Cindy on Thursday this week) These have been sealed and no one in the group has seen these,  only #1 will see the photo until the challenge is completely done.
When # 1 has completed their interpretation of the photo, they will hand off their completed quilt to #2.  When #2 has completed her quilt she will then give #1 her quilt back,  and pass her quilt to # 3. When # 3 has completed her quilt she will then give #2 back her quilt and pass her quilt to #4,  this will continue thru all 6 participates in the group.

Remember this is not to copy the quilt you are handed but to interpret. To express what you see.

you have 2 months to finish and pass on to the next person.  It could be possible that this might be done to hang in YQF 2013.  If you get it done early please pass it on.  Just keep in mind that you do have 2 months.  But.... everyone taking 2 months and it will not hang  at YQF 2013.  No pressure, ha ha!!

We decided  we needed the quilts to be all the same size.  so your finished quilt should be 14" 16" wide by 20" long.  The Gossip Link (lower right) has been updated to include this size.

Group A
# 1 Alice Flyr
#2 Kelsey Hall
#3 Barbara Harrison
#4 Jeannette Brewster
#5 Patty Mayfield
#6 Marybeth

Group B
#1 Linda MacDonald
#2 Wanda Nelson
#3 Cheryl Whittmayer
#4 Pegee Hamon
#5 Kathy Hammond
#6 Kathy Lichtendahl

Group C
#1 Julie Owens
#2 Jan Hoar
#3 Lili Turnell
#4 Cindy Thomas
#5 Carolyn Aichele
#6 Ginger Dager

Group D
#1 Jeanne Knudsen
#2 Patty Mayfield
#3 Pam Harris
#4 Jane Neale
#5 Jeannette Brewster
#6 Linda MacDonald

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