Monday, February 4, 2013

February 2013, Silk screens

The following members and guests were present for the February meeting: Jan, Ginger, Carolyn, Alice, Julie, Dianne, Cate, Jeanne, Marybeth, Barbara, Patty, Linda, Lili, Jane, and Pam.

Jeanne needs Artists' Statements for the Book Challenge quilts.  This should include your name, the name of the book, author, and the wording that inspired the quilt (page is optional).  She also needs to have the quilts sewn to the black drapes.  New, uniform labels will be made for the Big Sky Quilt Show.
We will hang the quilts on March 6th in Billings.  Some members will be taking classes also.

Please be sure that Jeanne has all the Under-the-Sea challenge quilts, which will also be exhibited at Big Sky. If you have your own at home, please contact her about getting it to her.

On March 16th, we will do ice dyeing at the Quilt House in Powell, in honor of National Quilt Day.  Photos will be taken and sent to the National Quilting Association who will have a display at their quilt show. The display will show how NQA members spent National Quilt Day.

This year's Gossip Quilt Challenge has now been passed to person #3 on each team.  Group B, (the WAV team) is ahead of schedule and will soon pass theirs to person #5.  Please make the following change to Group C:  The 6th team member will be Ginger Dager, instead of Pam Harris. If you find that you are unable to do your quilt at the time your number comes up, please let Jeanne know and it can be moved on to someone else.
Silk Screens

Marybeth reminded us of the "tea" in May for the
Homesteader Museum in Powell.  She would like us to donate handmade 12 inch square wall quilts or small table runners, with kitchen motifs to sell (cheaply). These are not works of art, but attractive decor for a fund raiser.

Alice will not be able to do the TAGY program on March 4th, and Julie has volunteered to take her place.

Pam gave a great program on making silk screens with iron-on vinyl and sheer organza.  Several designs are shown at the right.  After making the screens, we used acrylic paint to print the design on fabric (second photo).  This process was described in the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.
Silk Screen prints (blue ones are screens)

Carolyn brought the finished tiles we made at the November meeting.  Photo below.

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