Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 2014

Fifteen ladies attended the April meeting.  The Gossip Challenge quilts were given to Jeanne to get ready to mail to the Denver National Quilt Festival which begins the first of May.

Have you sent your Artist Statement for Old Trail Town to Marybeth?  She will make labels in a "Wanted" poster format for that exhibit. We need to contact Trail Town about exhibiting the quilts there.

This month's River Challenge was hung on a quilt stand with black background, and it looked fabulous.  The river flowed from one piece to the next.  This will make a great exhibit for YQF and other venues.  Everyone took them home to finish, add labels, etc. Four members indicated they didn't have theirs done but are planning on adding to this display.  I forgot my camera, so no pics.

Next month's challenge word is Grow.  It will be interesting to see how everyone interprets this.

Lili provided the program on making block prints.  She showed an easy way to make the blocks with double sided sticky tape and string.  We all played with string, making interesting designs such as the one on the right by Jeannette.  After applying the string to the sticky tape, it was painted over and left to dry.  Will Jeannette use her new block print on next month's Grow Challenge??  Come to the May meeting to see!

Thanks to Pam for providing the pics for this month's meeting.

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