Monday, August 4, 2014

August 2014

Embossing on foil
The following members were present at the August meeting:  Jan, Linda, Jane, Barbara, Pam, Jeanette, Alice, Ginger, Marybeth, and Linda (Marybeth's friend from CA).
The Gossip Challenge Quilts were handed back to those owners who were present.  Linda has the remainder, so contact her about getting yours.  The quilts belonging to WAV members will be returned at the next WAV meeting in Billings.

Marybeth mentioned that we will need signs and labels for the monthly challenge quilts when we display them at the Yellowstone Quilt Fest. Linda volunteered to type those up.  There will be no entry fee or forms  for the TAGY display on the stage.  Our next TAGY meeting is September 8th, and we will be collecting the 18 x 24 inch TACTile  (or Texture) Challenge Quilts, the Old Trail Town Quilts and the monthly challenges at that time.

Other quilts to be entered into the Yellowstone Quilt Fest are due on Tuesday, September 9th, at the Cody Auditorium.  Registration and Entry fees are due by September 3rd.  See the YQF website for entry forms.

Show and Tell.
4-directions challenge
The monthly challenge for August was "4-Directions".
The photo at the right includes those brought to the meeting.  It is quite a coincidence that three of the art pieces depict Native American symbolism for 4-directions.

Marybeth brought supplies for the program on Texture.  There were embossing supplies, yarns, ribbons, and weaving supplies, and more.  This was very inspiring for our TACTile Challenge.

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