Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 2015

Happy New Year

Thirteen members met on January 5th for our first TAGY meeting of 2015.  
Pictured at the right and below, are the 12 x 12  "Something You Don't Know About Me" pieces, and we all learned a little more about each other.
Editor's Note: This is an amazing group of talented ladies and I am honored to count you among my friends.

Jan is a "Parrot-head" or fan of Jimmy Buffet; Jeanne's spirit sign is a Raven; Ginger spent many years in the cosmetics and perfume industry and collects perfume bottles, and Lili is a Night Owl.
The coming year's calendar of events was discussed as well as artistic challenges.  See the sidebar info for more about monthly projects.

Our big challenge project this year will be Fences,  as in "don't fence me in" rather than it's other meanings.  It will be 24" x 18", landscape orientation, and the fence at both outside edges will be 5 inches high.  You may vary the fence size in the middle of your piece however you wish, bringing it forward or back, or even have an open gate.
The Fence Challenge will be due at the August meeting. It must be faced rather than using a binding.  We will have a demo on facing before the due date.
We will continue to do monthly 12 x 12 inch learning projects this year. 
Jeanne passed out Temptex pieces with an outline of a girl. These will be used for the Mini-Me project due in April.  You may change the outline as desired, such as cut off the long hair, etc.  If you missed the meeting, contact Jeanne to get your Mini-Me outline.

Pam brought in jewelry findings to be used in the May monthly project.  Everyone was asked to pick out one or more finds. Contact Pam if you didn't get yours.

Each member present was asked to randomly pick two crayons from a bag. The two colors you pick will be used for the July project.  These two colors must be prominent in the project along with neutrals of your choice.

The photo at the right is from the Pi Project entries requested by Linda.  The following info is from the website explaining this National project.

Next March 14, the date will be 3/14/15, which matches the first five digits of Pi: 3.1415.  Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, is arguably the most significant number in history. Many celebrate Pi Day each year, but this next Pi Day is special. This alignment of digits will not occur again for a century.  We are celebrating the number Pi by creating a fabric ribbon of its digits, stretching as long as we can make it, whether that be 20 feet or 2000 feet.  The digits will be sewn on in the actual order they appear in Pi.  

See the website for more info, including due dates for your number.  Linda will send in those numbers brought to the meeting.

The final photo shows fabric samples brought in by Jeanne.  Members selected pieces they would find useful in future projects.

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