Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 2015

Eleven members met in February and showed their latest creations.
Pat L brought a slide show of her visit to a Chihuly glass art installation in Arizona.  Carli handed out Chihuly post cards.  We were all inspired for our next month's challenge.

We received a thank you post card for our participation in the Pi Project.  On Pi day, the date matches the first five digits of Pi, 3.14.15, and there are numerous fun celebrations occurring on that date.  Our numbers will hang at the Kiggins Theater in Vancouver, WA, where the walls will be covered with a Pi Ribbon.

The February challenge was the homophone  "Sew - sow - so"
Our group succeeded in producing diverse art including: the Sower (of seeds),  a teenager response "So?", and, ta-da, SO2  Sulfur dioxide !

Marybeth gave the program and we all made paper bowls by adding tissue paper to fabric.

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