Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 2015

A dozen members met on March 2nd and showed outstanding 12 x 12 quilts for the Chichuly challenge.  They are very 3-dimensional and gorgeous works of art.
Thanks to Jan for the photo.

Ginger told about the artists who are painting giant buffalo to later be displayed around town.  They will be working at the Terrace in Cody from 10-5 on Monday thru Saturday, so stop by and see the works in progress.

We will be hanging all last years challenge quilts on the stage at the Shriners' Auditorium in Billings on March 11th for the Big Sky Quilt Retreat and Show.  We plan to fill the stage area with our art.  Please stop in and see the display if you can make it to Billings between the 11th and 14th.  At 4 pm on the 14th we will take down the display and move it to Powell, WY.

On March 19th, beginning at 10 am we will again set up all the quilts for display. Please come join us for the hanging, and stay for the reception that evening. The venue is the Plaza Diane Art Gallery.  The display will remain there through most of April.
On April 22nd we will take down the Old Trail Town exhibit, and the Tactile Challenge exhibit so it can be packed up and sent to Colorado for Mancuso's Denver National Quilt Show.  Our creations will be on display in three different states this month.

This month's program included getting our challenge quilts ready to meet the Denver National standards, by sewing 4-inch hanging sleeves on them, and attaching labels consistently on the backs.  In the future we plan to use these standards on all challenge quilts that will travel to the Denver show.  Thank you all for your help with this work.


Linda MacDonald brought Solo Cups and Sharpie markers and we made our own versions of Chihuly glass inspired art by painting designs on the Solo cups and placing them in the oven (350 degrees) for 1 minute.  The plastic shrinks and the colors stand out brightly. For detailed instructions go here.

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