Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 8, 2018 - New Year's Party

TAGY New Year's Party
Thirteen members were present for TAGY's New Year's Party.  Our gift exchange was based on 'Year of the Rooster', and some very creative gifts were exchanged, as shown in the photos below.

Rooster apron & mitts
The table was beautifully decorated, and everyone brought food to share.  We each had a Fortune Cookie and read out the "words of wisdom" to the group.  It was decided that next year's gift exchange will be based on "Fortune Cookie sayings".  The gift exchange item is not limited to the cookie you received at this party. Perhaps you have saved one that has special meaning to you.

Gift exchange items

Gift exchange items

After the gift exchange, we had Show & Tell.
Some items are included in the photo below.  Unfortunately Sue's beautiful hand woven fabrics didn't come out in the photos as my battery was low (you can see a bit in the corner of the photo below).

Show & Tell items
Barbara P's quilt

Jeanne K brought the HERstory book and showed pictures of her quilts and those of Linda M. that were included in the book.

The TAGY display of "Fences", "Wild West" and other quilts at the 1st Bank of Wyoming in Powell will come down on January 30th.  Karling and Linda will take down, and Karling will take the quilts to Friends & Company in Cody.  Jeanne K will pick them up there for display at the Bank of the West in Cody for the month of February.  There has been some interest in purchasing some of the quilts.

Members were reminded that Judy can provide you with a copy of the marketplace photo if you need one.  This photo is the inspiration for our 2018 Challenge, due at the August meeting, and is also available on this blog (see Links to the right).

The "colorwheel" monthly challenge is Yellow-green for the February meeting. We are also trying new techniques each month or making "what if ..." projects to share at each meeting.

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