Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 5, 2018 meeting

Barb H hand-dyed scarves
In spite of the snowy weather, we had a fun-filled  TAGY meeting.  Thank You everyone for sharing  your projects and experiments.

Barbara H showed her hand-dyed silk scarves, and discussed the different methods of folding, stitching, and shibori that she used.

Alice's Thumb pin-cushion
Alice passed out clever little packages with kits for making a thumb pin-cushion, which we stuffed as the meeting progressed.  A few stitches when we get home and they will look like the purple one in the picture, and be ready to use.

Ginger showed a project she is working on that includes knitting, beading, and then felting.  She will show the finished project at a future meeting. It is a small project that she can take with her as she is traveling.

Jan H has a felting machine and she played with various fabrics to make a coin purse.  She showed
both the finished one, and the one that didn't work out and was a learning experience.  She also said we are welcome to use her felting machine.
Jan H's dragonfly

Jan also made a yellow-green dragonfly wall hanging experimenting with using Mylar and Misty fuse.  Yellow-green was our "color of the month".

Lili showed a wall-hanging and a project she made for Quilting Arts.
Lili's wall-hanging

Jeanne K announced that the quilts that were hung at the 1st Bank of Wyoming in Powell in January are now hanging at the Bank of the West in Cody.

Barbara P told the group about next September's Yellowstone Quilt Fest which she is heading.  She hopes our group will participate and passed around a sign-up sheet for the different committees available.  More information will be available as time goes on.

Linda's tote bag

Linda M provided the Program on adding Texture with folded fabric techniques.
The two techniques shown were a Continuous Prairie Points variation and Hexagon Chopkey as discussed in "Folded Fabric Elegance" by Rami Kim.  Linda showed examples of two tote bags she made using these techniques.

Next month's program will be given by Karling, and our color for March is Green.

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  1. Linda, the program was awesome. Thank you for sharing the techniques, I have a few plans to use them in a future quilt.