Monday, June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018

TAGY group in June
The June TAGY meeting was held at Makerspace in Powell.  Rhett Pementel,  a founding member of Makerspace and the son of quilter Emelyn, gave us a tour of the facility.  Rhett showed the group the many advances in technology that can be used in modern-day quilting, as well as other projects and crafts.  This bright young man just graduated from Powell High School and is headed off to college with a Fulbright scholarship.

Rhett Pementel at Makerspace
Emelyn demonstrated how to make plastic laser cut quilt templates, and fabric appliques, with heat & bond on the back of the fabric (photos).

Make a template

Embossed jean fabric

These are just a couple of ideas for using the Makerspace workshop. Among the equipment  available to use is an embroidery sewing machine.

Cut exact appliques

Classes are available on how to use the various machines.  They can be used on fabric, paper, cardboard, wood, and metals.  Below is a piece of slate (rock) with lettering embossed on it by a laser.

Writing on rock
You need only use your imagination to discover more uses of these high-tech machines available for your use in Powell.  The aluminum cube below was made after collecting aluminum cans and forging them into a block. The cube was then cut with one of the machines available.


For those who cook, a commercial kitchen is available in the lower level.  There are also two meeting rooms available to rent.

Do you have a Park County Library Card?  With this card you can get a 2-week pass to Makerspace and try it out, or take a class.  Memberships are also available.  For more info see the website:
Two pages of classes available this summer are included in the Powell Valley Community Education PVCE. booklet.

Thank you to Jan H and Karling for bringing the TAGY group to Makerspace!

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