Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 7, 2018

Barbara H blue-green
There were 16 members in attendance.  Ginger started the meeting by asking for introductions & show & tell. 

Alice has a box of 2” squares that are mostly decorator fabrics if anyone would like to take them.  Ginger had wooden cigar boxes for those interested in taking them home.

Judy's purse
Barbara H. made an art quilt (right) for April’s blue-green color theme.

Judy made a cross-body bag with lots of pockets & zippers.

Ginger's journal

Ginger’s journal made with Kraft Tex in a class given by Gestalt Studios at Polar Plant in Powell.  She also made color wheel quilt blocks.

Ginger's color-wheel quilt blocks

Examples of Ginger’s wool experimentation methods using felting, woven gathering & knitting with beadwork.

Wool felting

Jeannette Brewster shared that Colleen Holmes was married in December in Hawaii!  Congratulations!

Ginger presented the program demonstrating use of natural materials for dying fibers.  She used avocados, blueberries, chlorophyll, onions skins, coffee grounds & turmeric root in her experimentation.  She explained the mordanting process to prepare various fabrics & fibers for dying.  Protein fibers wool roving, wool felt, wool fabric, gauze, raw, organza & dupioni silk were dyed.  Cellulose fibers cotton, muslin, linen & silk/rayon combination velvet were also used in the dye process.
Ginger's program on dyeing with
natural materials

Ginger provided detailed instructions, examples, references & materials required for dying with natural materials in a comprehensive handout.  Each natural material was used on all of the protein & cellulose fibers, which gave an opportunity to compare the various resulting colors. 

Natural materials top to bottom avocados, blueberries, chlorophyll, coffee grounds, onions & turmeric.

Coffee grounds, chlorophyll, blueberries, turmeric, avocados

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