Tuesday, May 5, 2020

May 2020

Hi TAGY members,
Last month Jan Wilbur did a fantastic newsletter with many pics of what TAGY members are making during our shutdown.  Since we were unable to upload that to this blog, I asked for members to cc me a copy of this months pics to upload here. This way friends and family members, who aren't on the TAGY email list, can also enjoy seeing our creations.

I looked into moving the blog to a Facebook page, but only half our members use Facebook, so dropped that idea.  But if you are a Facebook user check out the public page "Come Tell Us: Quilters Share Stories from Covid-19":  https://www.facebook.com/groups/564246374224320/
another page I enjoy is the Virtual Quilt Show page:

Thank you to everyone who sent photos of their art.

Rebecca TruePortrait of my daughter, 1st grade. Raw edge applique, 20x30

Same technique as my Koala. Raw edge applique from photo. Inspired by Australia fires...hope to use as fundraiser.

 Pam HarrisIce Dyed. English paper piecing medallion, hand quilted made in Elko, NV ~1995. What will be the next step? 

Most of the fabrics were not changed by the dyeing process.

Pam H - During these times, I cleaned out, recycled, and used what I had available.

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #32
Analogous and Complimentary Colors
Grid - Anchorage AK April 2009                                 Trellis 2020

Before 2000                                                                        After 2020

Crazy Times = Crazy Quilts
Tore it apart, refreshed the quilting and added paint to make it crazier!

Pam made quilted fabric for a bedside caddy. Snow dyed fabric.

Pam made 52 cards. These are the newly printed fabrics...

60 pounds of ice, garage sale fabrics, table linens and some outdated background fabrics. 

A number from the first batch have been or are in the process of being stamped, silk screened or stenciled.

This is a thrift store scarf Pam bought to experiment with melting fabric. It did not melt well but was ruined in the process. Recently resurfaced so thought I would try cutting it up for some abstract style cards. Might have some flowers for Mother’s Day cards?

Ice dyed fabrics. One was a cotton poly blend. Came out considerably lighter but no problem, just add paint!

Jan Wilbur
A dozen masks for the hairdressers at Hair Affaire Spa 11th St. in Cody.

"Remember to Wear a Mask" was created for the Cody Country Art League's Big Horn Basin COVID-19 Challenge.  16 x 20" mounted on canvas.

Marie Shirley Jones
I painted crazy birds with dye, then embroidered on them and finally did some oil stick rubbings on most of them. I hung them on fabric I dyed so they can move around a bit. Its 3x4 feet.

We've actually been gone a fair amount of time.  We've gone over to the Pryors 3 times where it's warmer and drier than Red Lodge. We've stayed 4 or 5 days each time. We camp on BLM land and then hike like crazy in search of ancient rock art. We've been to most of the sites several times, but have great fun searching for new ones.

I want to plan an indigo dyeing party with all of you at my house this summer. We'll see how things go with the virus. I'll keep in touch about it.

Carol Shephard
This is a “piece of junk” (that is what my husband called it) that I bought at a garage sale for $5 for my craft room.  I took a class at Big Horn Paint for chalk painting and was able to transform it into a cabinet that I will enjoy having in my craft room. 

Lindsay Mollett

my show and tell is my new baby!  We named him Benson Ray Mollett born on Earth Day,  April 22nd 2020. He weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 20.25 inches long.  

Jan Hoar 
Here's 2 photos of my craft room.  Yikes!

Is there life after face masks?
Ohio bound for my sister in law (pillow right).

 Zann Liljegren
My challenge for "start with something". 
I started with pillow case embroidery. 

Challenge for 
stitch meditation (right)

My challenge for "I've got a notion."  The zipper in the foundation of the house with Covid shaking our foundations.  Hopefully we can "zip it up" and all be safe again

I used to think that embroidery machines took all the creativity out of projects but I have learned how to make all my own decisions re: fabric and thread and I thought this one turned out pretty cute!

Ginger Dager
In addition to making masks for Rosies and friends.

Pop up Mothers Day cards. 

Baby quilt

I sure miss everyone in TAGY.
Be well,

Jeanette Brewster
Making Christmas tree ornaments. The wool appliqué block is made from my hand dye-painted wools & is a temporary cover for "Wool Applique Shopping" .

Ben Engelhardt

The first two pictures are of my crafting room.  Have been working on a thread painting project. 

Which is the 3rd picture which explains why I have so many spools of thread out I am working with. 
The 4th photo is a tri folder, I bought the pattern while visiting my sister in Chicago 4 years ago. After drawing the pattern onto fabric you color it with crayons before you embroider it. So glad to get it done.

Stay healthy everyone! Ben

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  1. Beautiful work Ladies!! Hope we get live show and tell in June!!