Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big Sky Quilt Show

Shrine Auditorium stage, Billings

Marybeth, Linda Mac , Pam Harris and I  hung the Under the Sea and the Book Challenge yesterday at the Shrine Aud. in Billings.
WOW!  you are  awesome!  This show is so impressive, I do hope all of you that can possibly go to Billings this week (Thurs, Fri, and Sat it ends at 4:00 pm Sat)  will go.

We were totally surprised when we were given the entire stage for our exhibits.  This stage is probably 3X larger than the one we use at YQF.

But we did manage to fill it.  Our book challenges really look awesome with the black drapes.  Marybeth did a wonderful job on our artist statements/ name tags. The combination of the drapes and the artist statements really pulled this show up to another level.
Last showing of Under-the-Sea
And as always the Under the  Sea impressed, we were getting positive feedback from all their volunteers before we left on both exhibits.

I can't speck for Marybeth, Linda or Pam but I was so very proud of all of you.  Your talent and inspiration is exactly why TAGY was started and you have certainly shown that  talent in  this show!
Now, go get up there and see for yourself!

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