Sunday, March 24, 2013

Old Trail Town

Our next TAGY challenge will be taking a photo at Old Trail Town, and making a quilt using that photo.  We have not decided on the details, as in size, date due etc.  But,  we did want to get in to take the photos.

Cate Parrish has volunteered at Old Trail Town in the past so I put her in charge of contacting Ray Hammond the General Manager.  He was enthused about having us do quilts depicting OTT. and because they are doing the spring cleaning of  OTT until May 1st. Ray   would  welcome us at our May 6th meeting, he will unlock doors etc so you can actually  get in and photo what you want.

At our next meeting I will read the photo contract that they have,  we want to make sure that we follow their guidelines for photographing.   We should also decide on size, deadline, for this challenge, so be thinking about that.

Lili is scheduled to do the program for our May meeting and has happily agreed to take the program to Old Trail Town. If you have any questions, they can be asked at the April Meeting, or email me, I will try to answer them. - Jeanne

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