Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2014

Fiction challenge
This month's challenge was "Fiction" and five people showed their pieces.  It is interesting of the five entries, three represented Alice in Wonderland (Through the Looking Glass) by Lewis Carroll.
From top left:  "Welcome to Wyoming" by Barbara, "Emerald City" by Jan, "The Jabberwocky" by Linda, "Into the Rabbit Hole" by Alice, and "Aliens" by Ginger.  (Using first names so this won't be picked up on search engines).

Carolyn showed us the award she received for her textile art in a Portland art show.  Her textile creation beat out "fine art" and photography entries.  This was quite an accomplishment for just a few years ago they were reluctant to accept textile art.

It was decided to show the Gossip Quilt Challenge at this year's Park County Fair.  We will need help hanging the quilts on July 22 from noon on.  Jeanne will look into a drop off point in Cody for quilt entries.  She also passed out Fair Books and entry forms.

Jeanne and Linda entered this year's National Quilt Association's SewBatik challenge.  Their quilts were on display at Columbus, OH, and are now in Reno, NV.  They will travel to two more locations before being returned to their makers. Lili also entered this year's SewBatik challenge. I don't know if she opted to have her quilt travel, or have it returned to her.  TAGY members are all encouraged to enter next year's NQA SewBatik challenge, and have good representation from our Wyoming Chapter.

Marybeth read off her list of those who provided her with their "artist statement" for the Old Trail Town Challenge. When she has all the statements she will make signs to go with the exhibit.  Jeanne is looking into showing the exhibit at Old Trail Town in Cody.

This year's TACTILE Challenge is due at the September meeting.  The piece should contain at least two different techniques, and we are encouraged to try something we have not done before.  Size is 18" x 24" in a portrait orientation.

Kathy L provided a program on Shibori dyeing of fabric.  Due to time limits, we brought home our dyed pieces for rinsing and drying, and we plan to bring them back next month for Show & Tell.
Shibori dye vats.  Do you think Kathy has a cat?

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