Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 2, 2018

 Due to a Spring snowstorm, only nine members made it to the April meeting.

Jan H's felted "river"
Show & Tell:
Jan H showed the three pieces pictured here.
Pam had made beads from Tyvek and Alice showed some little quilts she made for gifts.

Attendees:  Zann, Jan Wilbur, Pam Harris, Judy Mackie, Jan Hoar, Alice Flyr, Lili Turnell, Karling Abernathy, Lorna Anderson.

Lili gave the program:
Jan H's dyed and painted scarves

 Wabi-Sabi: Japanese- nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging 3 simple realities: 
nothing lasts, 
nothing is finished, 
and nothing is perfect. 

Wabi- rustic simplicity, imperfect quality. 

Sabi- beauty or serenity that comes with age. 

We chose a subject or person to re-create with bits of fabric on a paper background. The following pictures were the results of the day.
Using paper, pencils, fabric, and thread, the group let go of structure and did portraits. Lili had seen this program in Cloth Paper Scissors Jan-Feb issue.

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